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Best Cleaning Services in Pipeline?

Are you looking for cleaners for office, home, and laundry or professional cleaning services in Pipeline? Welcome to Best Pest Control.  A force within the janitorial community and throughout the Nairobi region we are “The Force” in janitorial service.  For that reason, hiring a qualified professional cleaner with the experience is what you will get from Best Pest Control.

Best pest control cleaning services in Nairobi include:

•           Daily, weekly, monthly cleaning services

•           Dusting and window washing

•           Waste removal

•           Office system cleaning

•           Daily carpet care

•           Entrance and lobby cleaning

•           Hard surface floor maintenance and cleaning

•           Sanitization programs

Residential Cleaning Services Pipeline: Wash-at-home-services

With this type of cleaning service in Pipeline Nairobi, we usually come to your home. Hence, we major in scheduled cleanings such as cleaning up your home regularly or once based on your cleaning plan to ensure the cle­­anliness of your home.

The typical home cleaning service we provide in Pipeline, Nairobi covers the following:

Kitchen: We know that kitchen is the heart hub of the household which should be given special treatment. We clean all kitchen small appliances, microwave’s interior, drip pans, hood, stovetop among others. Consequently, we vacuum and mop your floors after the cabinets, appliances, tables, chairs have been wiped.

Laundry room: The team ensures that the surfaces in this room are wiped clean from the washer, dryer, to moping the floor.

Living room: Your living room should be comfortable and tidy whenever you are there to relax. Our cleaning team will dust and clean every corner of your living room. Besides, your floor and furniture will be vacuumed including the cushions.

Dining room: All the furniture in your dinning room will be given proper wiping and cleaning. Our well-trained cleaners will end the cleaning by vacuuming your dining

Bedrooms:  Window sills, baseboards, as well as other surfaces in your bedrooms will be thoroughly dusted to ensure that you experience sound sleep at night for a long period of time. Nonetheless, we will also clean and vacuum hanging frames and mirrors. In addition, upon request, we can also replace bedspreads.

Bathrooms: This is the most frequently visited place in a home. Our experienced cleaners will remove cobwebs and dust this room thoroughly. In that regard, our professional cleaners will clean your shower both in and out and then finally mop the floor after vacuuming it.

Additional rooms: In case you have other additional rooms, our professional crew will help you to clean them as well. Our home cleaning services are known to offer you with comprehensive indoor cleaning that will perfectly match any residence.

Office Cleaning Services

We provide outstanding office cleaning services in Pipeline. Regardless of the employees you have, the best pest control can work with you to come up with a cleaning program either on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. We ensure bright entrances and lobbies as well as glistening windows and doors. In addition, we also ensure that your office has spotless surfaces and neat reception. Besides, our cleaning services will provide a good impression that will last all the way to the board room. We will make sure that all of your high-traffic public areas such as stairwells and hallways are inviting and safe.

In most cases, conferences, workstations, and office rooms are areas that most activities take place. Keeping these places free of germs and dirt is vital to the well-being of the employees and visitors. From waste removal and dusting, the best pest control will keep your office spotless. We give attention to every chair, cabinet, and single desk among other furniture. In view of that, our trained cleaning crew has experience in cleaning office system equipment such as printers and desktops to ensure that your teamwork productive and efficient. We will also ensure that shared places such as restrooms and breakrooms are clean and tidy all the time. To stop and prevent odors, our sanitization services will maintain excellent indoor air quality throughout the office building.

Laundry Services in Pipeline

Leave your worries about laundry to us. You will have time for what really matters to you. Wherever you are in Nairobi, call us today to pick up your laundry. We handle all types of laundry including the following

  • clothes cleaning: It comprises of general clothing such as, trousers, dresses, skirts, shorts, shirts, T-shirts, blouses, gym kits, towels, sweaters, jackets, pajamas and others.
  • Cleaning of beddings: This comprises of items such as duvets, mattress covers, blankets, pillow cases, bed sheets and mosquito nets and more.
  • Cleaning household textiles: This include items such as curtains, seat covers, drapers, and table cloths among others.
  • Gowns: This comprises of items such as graduation gowns, wedding gowns, and choir outfits.

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We have undertaken cleaning services and pest control for more than 19 years now. We use technological tools, have a team experienced in cleaning with customer service.At the heart of our service is hygiene. We enter a site and transfrom it to spackling clean. We invade a pest infested area leaving it without living pests. It is not easy. It takes years of experience to understand cunny pests. We offer cleaning and pest control as a service. We charge a fee that caters for the technology, transport and a small profit. I assure you we have very competitive prices in the industry. We are cognizant of the fact that you might have a busy schedule and thus endeavor to give our best of the service. We offer support upto 30 days with free revisits and recommendations. Pest Control is a process not an event

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