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To satisfy client needs, within affordable limits and ensure they live in prestine conditions

Our Mission

Deliver services to ensure you live comfortably in an environment devoid of pests

Our Core Values

Safety, Quality, Professionalism, Passionate and customer satisfaction

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We have undertaken bedbug control, cockroach control, fleas control, mites control, rats control over 10 years now. We have a team experienced in pest control, customer service and the use of safe chemicals to exterminate pests.


At the heart of our service is pest control. We enter a pest infested area leaving it without living pests. It is not easy. It takes years of experience to understand cunny pests. 


We offer pest control as a service. We charge a fee that caters for chemicals, transport and a small profit. I assure you we have very competitive prices in the industry. 


We are cognizant of the fact that pests are of different strains and sometimes they might not all get out. We offer support upto 30 days with free revisits and recommendations. Pest Control is a process not an event

Reliable Pest Control Service

When given a chance, we strive to offer you the best pest control (BEPECO) service. We commit to offer bespoke service. Our pest control service is affordable, reliable and a safe approach ensuring you live pest-free. We have tailored an integrated pest management technique to ensure your home is not only friendly but livable at any time

Pests we Exterminate


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Why Pest Control is Necessary​

A ton of pests carry with them diseases. They infest you home i.e. the kitchen, bedroom and bite on the body.

To stay safe and healthy, the need for pest control cannot be over-emphasized.

Your home, yard, garage, should be devoid of pests for family members to play safely. All pests leave faeces on the floor or table tops which is not hygienic.

They might even leave it on food or the faeces get way to the foods in the kitchen.

They definitely need to be controlled. We all know that by eating contaminated food, one can become very ill.

Pests carry tough viruses. Bacteria and viruses are almost the 2 main disease causing organism on the planet.

Moreover, ones they affect a person, treatment of the disease requires longer periods of time.

I would rather one undertakes pest control in order to prevent such disease and other occurrences.

On the other hand, those with underlying medical conditions such as asthma can feel worse and strain health conditions.

It has been widely researched and reported that most bugs do not belong to the home environment.

When found at home, no need to panic, all that needs to be done is pest control.

You probably carried them home with groceries, picked it on the public transport system, or from place of work.

The pest categories depend on how they move. Pests are either the crawling type or flying type.

Whichever the pests you saw in your home area, ensure you take action.

Caring means taking action.

Get a pest control expert to help with extermination. You might have a pest infestation in your home that gets worse.

Pest exterminators are specially trained to control infestation.

They understand the procedure to carry out an inspection.

Dependent on the level of infestation, they will provide a recommendation on the way forward.

This will involve determining the right extermination criteria, chemical to use, the correct quantity and frequency of application.

Pest control should not be a gamble.


Home Pest Control

We offer you the best at pest control as a family at friendly price, in a swift manner and to your satisfaction. You deserve the best. Come demand for it

Office Space

Our dedication is to offer best commercial service. We are cognisant of the fact that you deserve the best service at pest control. We tailor the service to specific needs of your business and industry. This cover sanitizations and fumigation against pests

Restaurant & Stores

We have a specialised division that provides the best that there is in pest control to restaurant fumigation to comply with ccovid 19 directives. This sanization process targets virus and bacteria. Also cockroaches. 

Fumigation & Sanitization

You never know the level of contamination of imported goods. The extent to which they should be fumigated is our call. It deserves the best in order to control foreign pests.  This  is aligned with government directive that goods should comply with all quarantine requirements.

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We are located along Nairobi’s Outering Road. A perfect spot to serve the entire nairobi and its metropolis. We serve Nairobi Eastlands, access Thika Road within 5 minutes, access Mombasa road in 6 minutes, Industrial Area in about 4 minutes, Nairobi CBD in less than 7 minutes via Jogoo road. We control pests wherever you are.