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Cockroach Control

A cockroach is well known for spreading disease and is associated with various other health risks. When human surrounding has an exposure to this insect, we are at risk of Salmonella, Dysentery & Gastro-enteritis.

Moreover, it increases in eczema and childhood asthma have even been linked to cockroach droppings.

If you need cockroach control approaches, you are not alone. The cockroach is one of the common household pest in the entire world. At Best Pest Control®, we are cognisant of this statistics and as reported by Pan and Zhang (2020).

You need a cockroach control specialist for effective eradication. That is where we come in as Best Pest Control®.

Our technicians are specially trained to carry out inspection to determine level of infestation, advice on the best control measure and provide a solution.

The least we can do is offer you a satisfactory service from the vast experienced we have. We are fast, our approaches are odourless, effective and non-toxic.

If you have signs of a cockroach, call Best Pest Control®. Do not gamble. They only get worse.

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Why you need cockroach control

A cockroach contaminates food and surfaces, destroy your fabric and paper, is an agent that transmits disease, causes allergies, and worst of all leave foul odors behind.

We recommend that you reduce the risk of infestation by carrying out the low impact DIY measures including home cleaning and exclusion tactics.

A quick response at the very first signs of an infestation is often essential for cockroach control in your home, office, store, restaurant or institution and to prevent the spread of this pest to your neighbours.

From experience, we noted that a cockroach has the ability to breed rapidly and its resilience means that a professional service is usually the most reliable form of control.

Only expert cockroach control products and solutions are a powerful and a sure enough action to eliminate all stages of their lifecycle.

By contacting us Best Pest Control®, we will endeavour to provide you targeted treatment in a professional manner within your home and business.

Why you should choose us

  1. Our certified technicians located across Kenya provide a quick and reliable service to guarantee complete control of the problem and offer expert tips on prevention.
  2. At Best Pest Control® we use the latest technologies, and the most innovative processes, you can rely on an efficient service.
  3. We are fast        
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Preventing and Managing Cockroach Infestations

A cockroach is a nocturnal creature that loves dark, warm, moist hiding places in cracks, crevices, or hard-to-reach corners.

The first step to control an infestation is removing food sources and hiding places, especially since a cockroach only returns to habitable places.

With a little detective work, a persistent strategy, and preventative measures, you can make your house an unattractive place for a cockroach, which will not only manage an infestation, but also prevent them in the future.

From our experience, we collate methods that are low and high impact.

Low Impact Approaches

The following cockroach control measures are effective in disrupting the roach life cycle, killing existing roaches, and their colony when implemented together.

The guidelines below, are consistent with guidance by Nasirian and Salehzadeh (2019) and which serve as excellent preventative measures that is effective in cockroach control before they begin.


Look out for cockroach hiding spots within the warm, dark, tight places near food and water using a flashlight and possibly mirror.

Endeavour to confirm any suspected habitats by using sticky traps. These traps will not attract a cockroach, but they will allow you to determine if you have an infestation, and where the cockroach lives.

Sticky traps should be placed at the seam of floors and walls, and in potential high traffic areas. Carefully check large appliances and furniture or items that have been in storage for cockroach egg cases and destroy them.

Home Cleaning

If you have a cockroach infestation, eliminate food sources by cleaning up crumbs on floors, in cracks and crevices, or on counters.

Wipe up spills and clean dirty dishes as soon as possible, and keep food in sealed containers or in the refrigerator.

Throw trash away in containers with liners and tight lids, and empty them frequently.

It is good practice to regularly vacuum cracks and crevices to remove any food sources, including cockroach eggs or droppings, since faeces contain pheromones that attract other roaches and feed young ones.

We encourage frequent vacuuming as it also goes a long way in preventing cockroach allergies.

Eliminate Habitat and Prevent Entry

This involves getting rid of cockroach hiding places and entry points. This cockroach control measure will drive away and prevent future infestations.

In the interior of your home, seal cracks in dark places like wardrobes, cupboards or building cracks with caulk, repair water leaks, and remove moisture in crawl spaces and other dark areas by increasing ventilation.

It is essential that you weather-seal doors and gaps around windows, and caulk around escutcheon plates that surround pipes or faucets that makes out as a provision to the access on the wall voids or any other area that roaches could easily find as a hiding place.

Within the residential area, ensure that you eliminate clutter. This range from piles of magazines, newspapers, cardboard or rags, plastic carriers, food waste, worn masks, etc. 

In addition, remove the stacks of wood and trash on the outside so as to minimize potential moist habitats.

The shrubs need be trimmed and branches pruned to increase light and ventilation.

Cockroach Control Pesticides

If your house has cracks and crevices that you simply can’t caulk them all, pesticide baits will complement your cockroach control efforts.

According to research published by Pant, Kumar, Dubey, and Patanjali (2017), while aerosol spray are effective, you should use them with caution. We recommend you get good advice by talking to your immediate pest control expert.

This is where Best pest Control® steps in to help. Aerosols worsen asthma cases when inhaled and proper care need be undertaken.

Potential Consequences of Using Cockroach Control Pesticides

Of the many approaches there are to getting rid of cockroaches, use of pesticide is a sure approach when infestation level is high.

We would like to bring to your attention that when you use cockroach control pesticides, you should be ready to deal with these potential consequences:

The known Boric acid pesticides are toxic to plants and if this type of pesticide is placed inside a potted plant or other area where water may carry the pesticide to plants, your plants will be affected.

Use of aerosol sprays or foggers guarantees exposure to the pesticidal active ingredient, through inhalation of the spray droplets and contamination of exposed surfaces. Kindly proceed to read contents on the US EPA’s page on foggers.

Bait stations in the open means the children or pests can get to them easily and may be exposed to the pests. They might chew, lick or swallow. This is not encouraged.

Precautions to Take When Using Cockroach Control Pesticides

In the case that you determine that you have to use a pesticide for cockroach control, take these precautionary steps to reduce the potential for adverse effects:

Indoors, find a location where to place pesticide bait in locations that are completely inaccessible to children and pets (This can be inside walls, under spaces of heavy appliances, or in the enclosed crawlspaces).  

You should never ever put baits in places where they can contaminate food.

The baits should be removed when all signs of the cockroach infestation are gone, remove bait stations promptly to avoid attracting new populations of roaches.

Reading labels on the pesticide is mandatory. In cases where the instructions are not clear, seek counsel from specialists. Give us a call.

The label is the law and you could be liable for any damage resulting from not following the label instructions.

Types of Cockroach Control Pesticides

Market has many cockroach control products sold, including bait, gel, granule, and aerosol spray formulations.

To use the products, understand the active chemical ingredients on the products. This will ensure you take on precaution to minimize effect on human beings and exposure to the environment.

Baits and Gels for cockroach control

Baits are formulated as granules or solid blocks, gels, or liquids. Most of the bait products already have the active ingredient in the bait station, and others are packaged as a liquid that you pour into a bait container provided in the package.

The likelihood of exposure to the chemicals is lower if you use the bait stations that don’t require you to handle the product other than to set it out.

Gels typically come packaged with a syringe or a tube for dispensing. Be cognizant of the effects as stated above.

Effective cockroach control using Aerosol Sprays and Foggers

While the use of aerosol sprays or foggers is not the first lie of action, due to the high probability of exposure during the application from inhaling the aerosol, it is the most effective when infestation is deep.

Through fogging, Pomés and Schal (2020) comment that pesticide residues with active chemical ingredient are distributed throughout the home environment. Your home might be at risk when you have gas appliances.

When carrying out outdoor fumigation, the fumes can drift away to plants and other features where they pose a risk to non-target plants and wildlife (bees or other beneficial insects).

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