Best Pest Control (BEPECO) provides fumigation and pest control services. The regional scope of our pest control in Kenya includes pest control in Nairobi, pest control in Mombasa, pest control in Kisumu.

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BEPECO is approved and certified as the best pest control service in Kenya by PEMAK to provide pest control, pest elimination services, pest extermination services, pest eradication services, and professional fumigation services. We are reliable, quick, efficient and cost-effective. BEPECO operates in major Kenyas towns including Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, and Eldoret. We control pests in residential homes, commercial buildings, hotels, stores, schools, institutions, industries, commercial spaces, and the agricultural sector. Effectively, our service includes bedbug control service, termites control service, mice control service, rats, control service, spider control service, ants control service, mosquito control service, snakes control service, bats control service, flies control service, dust mites control service, bees control service, wasp control service and other worrisome pests.

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Our fumigation service for control of pests is effective, safe, reliable, fast and meets international standards. At Best Pest Control (BEPECO), we use fumes as one of the techniques to eliminate pests. The strategic method will guarantee pest control, pest elimination, pest eradication, pest removal. BEPECO assures to pest elimination in any region of Kenya; elimination of bedbugs, elimination of flies, elimination of mites, elimination of rats, elimination of mice, elimination of spiders, elimination of bees, elimination of mites, elimination of snakes, elimination of termites, elimination of ants among others.

BEPECO is armed with a set of solutions for your pest control needs. We make perform site visits, infestation assessments, make recommendations to prevent future infestation. The recommendations when followed will lead to a clean and safe environment. Preparation is vital in cockroach control, bedbugs control, mosquito control, snakes control, spider control, flies control, rats control, bats control, mice control, rodent control. We serve all clientele in private business homes in Nairobi, Kenya to ensure your household is pest free.