It's time to clean, sanitize and disinfect

Covid 19 is here with us. Stepping out is on a cautious foot. Self isolation is boring yet we have to work to get pay so we survive. Home and work movement are essential routes yet the scare of the pandemic should be prevented or solved. 

clean surfaces

Surfaces are resting and breeding ground for many bacteria and viruses. We touch the surfaces many times than we can count. The surfaces should be cleaned regularly

wash hands

Hands are an important body part. Human beings use is in almost every activity. We touch our faces, surfaces and anything using our hands. The hand is a single most body part that can transmit viruses with ease. Wash it


Sanitize. Sanitize. Sanitize. The approach to sanitization are many. They include washing hands, disinfecting and fumigating by targeting virus and bacteria. With the unprecendented covid 19 pandemic sanitization is essential. Your home, office, institution ought to be sanitized.

something to know and do

Wear personal protective equipment

In the fight against covid 19, you are on your own. It means taking a personal initiative to protect your self and others. This involves wearing Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs). It was reported that by using PPEs, the spread of the virus is cut down by up to 90%. Get a mask, get hand gloves, get a hand sanitizer. By having and using the PPEs we stand a chance at preventing the spread of the virus strain coidi 19

Disinfect surfaces

Bacteria and virus gather, breed and spread on surfaces. To minimize their spread, surfaces ought to be cleaned and disinfected. High-touch surfaces like the door handles and table tops should be cleaned and disinfected regularly. At home this should be done on kitchen surfaces, table tops, door handles, wash rooms. In offices, all surfaces; table tops, door handles and washroooms should be cleaned. 

wash sanitize hands

Sneeze to your elbow, wash hands using soap and water then sanitize regularly using alcohol-based hand sanitizers. This shoud be done regularly to be effective in preventing the spread of the virus. Hands do most of the moving and touching in the human body. By regularly washing sanitizing, one has a chance at avoiding touchin face ie nose, mouth, eyes with virus and bacteria that might lead to illness. Now you know. Do

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Sanitize your Phone

Remove Waste

Sanitize your keyboard

Wash Laundy

Sanitize your Table

Disinfect Laundry

Sanitize Surfaces

Target High Touch Surfaces