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Mites Control in Hospital Road

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Pest Control

Mites being a common pest in Hospital Road needs control as they are known to cause a variety of damage. Mites can feed on stored grains, cheese products, and are also biting pests. ­Mite bites are small that causes mild irritation on the skin. This may lead to serious bacterial infections, for instance, dust mites can trigger asthma attacks. Hence, requiring immediate control.

Experiencing Mite problem in Hospital Road?

Best pest control technician is well trained to assist in mite control and prevention measures. Based on our years of experience within Nairobi region, every home or building is different therefore, best pest control technician will design a unique technique for your mite infestation problem. At best pest control, we offer the right solution to keep mites out of your business or home.

The common species of mites in Hospital Road include bird mites, clover mites, chigger mites, dust mites, spider mites, red mites, and scabies.

Getting rid of Bird Mites in Hospital Road

Most properties in Nairobi have become homes for birds and this is where mite problem originates. Besides, water availability, plenty of insects, and roosting spots are likely to attract birds that give rise to bird mites. Nonetheless, when birds nest in trees, on home exteriors, and wall voids, their parasitic mites move in with them. As a result, bird mite infestation becomes a problem in the area. Bird mites reside within bird nests. These nests are common in places such as chimneys, roof spaces, window edges, and eaves. To get rid of bird mite infestation from home, contact the best pest control technician in Nairobi to help locate their breeding and nesting sites for control measures. Our technician will apply specific pesticides in the nesting areas to prevent future mite attacks.

Dust Mites control and prevention in Hospital Road

Dust mites are very adaptive to indoor life and live in many houses in Hospital Road. Humid and warm houses are prone to dust mite. They feed on tiny flakes of skin on fabrics. Research cites that one gram of shed skin from a human’s body can feed thousands of mites. Studies reveal that even well-groomed homes can experience mite infestation problem.

How to control and prevent dust mite infestation

  • Reduce and maintain relative humidity in your house below 60-70 percent and the interior temperature as cool as possible. This is because dust mites thrive well in low humidity and cool temperatures.
  • It can also help to remove carpets and replace them with wood or tile flooring in case of infestation.
  • Use household fabrics that can be washed frequently.
  • Use HEPA filters in the home’s ventilation system.
  • Ensure your household vacuum has a HEPA filter

Chigger mite management

This is a task that is best suited to pest management professionals. At best pest control, our technicians will help you to inspect and locate chigger mite in your home or premise. Besides, our knowledge about chigger habitat is vital since it helps to reduce the places where chiggers can live and develop.

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