Rats and Mice Control in Mpaka Road

Keeping Rats and mice under Control in Mpaka Road

Pest Control
Pest Control

We offer professional rats and mice control in Mpaka Road. Once rats and mice have attacked your home in Mpaka Road, business premises, and other property, our goal is to ensure the infestation is under control and to prevent them from coming back. On a regular basis, we recommend that you check for new entry holes into your home, and other buildings and seal them immediately.

Getting Rid of Rats

Following the experience, we have gained in the field of pest control within Mpaka Road, Nairobi region, the best ways to remove rats are either rat traps or rat poison. The use of either requires a licensed pest management technician who will do it with caution.

Protect your health by keeping mice and rats under control

Mice and rats are known to spread over 50 diseases that can be transmitted indirectly by mites, ticks, and fleas that live on already infected rats and mice. This calls for the need to ensure that our homes free from rats and mice at all times. Upon infestation, don’t worry. Why? At best pest Control Company, we have licensed and well-trained pest technician who will help you out. Therefore, reach out to us and we will serve you to your satisfaction.

Why are rats and mice such a health risk in Mpaka Road?

Mice and rats are known to spread over 50 diseases that can infect people and pets. Such diseases include plague, salmonellosis, leptospirosis, and tularemia. These diseases can be spread through drinking water and eating food contaminated with rat saliva, hair, urine, and feces.

How can I destroy rats on my property in Mpaka Road?

At best pest control, our technician will tackle your current infestation of rats or mice and will look for conditions that invite them to your house and recommend solutions for the same to prevent future invaders. Otherwise, Contact best pest control and we will successfully destroy rats and mice in a professional way.

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Why Us

We have undertaken sanitization and disinfection long before the Covid 19 era. We have undertaken bedbug control, cockroach control, fleas control, mites control, rats control over 19 years now. We have a team experienced in pest control, customer service and the use of safe chemicals to exterminate pestsAt the heart of our service is pest control. We enter a pest infested area leaving it without living pests. It is not easy. It takes years of experience to understand cunny pests. We offer pest control as a service. We charge a fee that caters for chemicals, transport and a small profit. I assure you we have very competitive prices in the industry. We are cognizant of the fact that pests are of different strains and sometimes they might not all get out. We offer support upto 30 days with free revisits and recommendations. Pest Control is a process not an event

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