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Goliath® 0.05% Gel is a biocide/insecticide for professional use, designed to control cockroaches (Blattella germanica, Periplaneta Americana, Blattella orientalis

Containing Fipronil, this highly potent cockroach gel will control cockroaches faster than many other cockroach gels. Goliath provides ongoing control due to a stable and highly palatable formulation, and its transfer effect through the cockroach population.


Goliath® Gel is the best performing, most cost effective cockroach treatment on the market. The superior active ingredient, fipronil, combined with a highly palatable bait formulation achieves immediate results and remains active for up to 12 weeks.

Goliath® Gel Cockroach Bait continually outperforms all other cockroach gels across Europe. Effective cockroach gel baits combine an attractive food source with a potent active ingredient.

The superior fusion of the active ingredient, fipronil with the highly palatable cockroach bait formulation ensures that Goliath® Gel Cockroach Bait is without question the best product available for cockroach control.

Unbeatable Speed of Action

Cockroaches will often start to feed on Goliath® Gel Cockroach Bait within minutes of an application and will then die within a few hours.

  • Professional use only
  • Ready to use professional cockroach treatment.
  • Gel-based bait in easy to use 35g or 140g syringe that fits most applicator guns.
  • Contains the active ingredient Fipronil.
  • Claimed to be the fastest, most cost effective cockroach treatment on the UK market.
  • Unbeatable speed of action against German, Oriental and American cockroach strains.
  • One tube of Goliath® Gel Cockroach Bait is sufficient to make over 1000 bait placements

Before any intervention to inspect the premises in order to determine the scope of the affected area and to determine the critical points.

Usually, critical points are located near the sinks, water channels, electrical equipment (refrigerators, computers), near the bins, and in all dark and wet rooms. For that purpose, we can put baits in the rooms in order to monitor the situation.


Use biocide products carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.

Recommended Goliath® Gel Application Rates (Spots* Required)

Cockroach type Normal infestation Heavy infestation
German cockroach 1 2
Oriental cockroach 2 3
American cockroach 2 3

* Standard 0.03 g spot per square metre of surface to be treated.

Cascade Effect

Goliath® Gel Cockroach Bait contains a highly potent active ingredient called fipronil. Foraging cockroaches then consume the cockroach bait containing fipronil, ensuring it is widely transmitted throughout the colony, producing a cascade effect.

Lab and field trials show that fipronil is transferred from one cockroach to the next as cockroaches in harbourages will readily eat dead individuals (necrophagism) or the faeces (coprophagy) of individuals that have ingested the gel bait.

Thus Goliath® Gel Cockroach Bait can be recommended as a sole solution for the treatment of cockroaches ensuring that populations are completely eradicated.

Low Dose Rate

Due to the high efficacy of Goliath® Gel Cockroach Bait as little as 1 bait point is required per m² so treatment can be carried out quickly.

One tube of Goliath® Gel Cockroach Bait is sufficient to make over 1000 bait placements and treat over 50 apartments so when compared to other commonly available gel baits treating with Goliath Gel Cockroach Bait is highly cost-effective.



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