Promax 20 EC



Promax 20 EC was designed to be used by public health to control insects and pests. It provides cockroach control, bedbug control, flea control, and housefly control, ants control for residential homes, institutions, stores, restaurants, and office spaces.

Chemical Active Ingredients

Propoxur 20% W/V


Use a 25ml of the Promax in 1-liter water in a spray.

Use a 100ml of Promax in 5-litres of water in a spray

Use 250ml of Promax in 10-liters of water in a spray

Use 500ml pf Promax in 20-liters of water in a spray

Use 1-litre of Promax in 40-liters of water in a spray

It should serve well as a one-time treatment. It is applied at runoff points and as a residual spray. This can be done on skirting boards, on cracks, and on insect hideouts. The spray can be done on suspected surfaces.


Promax has been proven to be effective over time. It is incomparable to any other pesticide or insecticide.

Highchem Group the producers of Promax have a high standing in agrochemicals and this one will certainly help you cope with infestation.

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